Coronavirus (COVID-19) Practice Resources and Protocols

COVID-19 Email Listserv: Talk to Other Health Care Professionals Have a question about COVID-19 that isn’t answered on this page? Sign up for the COVID-19 listserv. This is a free resource meant for all health care professionals to help you prevent, treat and reduce the impact of the coronavirus crisis. Federal Government Actions, Resources,

Patient Practice Connector

Find an Open Oncology Practice Near You During COVID-19 Epidemic

COA’s Position Statement on Home Infusion

Community Oncology Alliance Position: The Community Oncology Alliance (COA) fundamentally opposes home infusion of chemotherapy, cancer immunotherapy, and cancer treatment supportive drugs because of serious patient safety concerns. Home infusion by a provider – who may or may not be a trained oncology nurse – and may not recognize and be prepared to treat

Patient Assistance Transportation Program

COA/CancerCare Patient Assistance Program COA has partnered with CancerCare to provide free local transportation to patients during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) national emergency. CancerCare is a well-known, trusted non-profit that implements many patient assistance programs. Community oncology practices are going to extraordinary lengths to keep their patients, providers, and practices safe from the COVID-19 virus. However,